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Harvesting the Fruits of 10 Years of Love, Sowing the Seeds of Hope Once Again
2023.10.25 1769

When you think of graduation, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 



Warm memories with friends.

Farewells to the beloved school.

Excitement of the new beginning.



It is a moment where nostalgia and excitement coexist, a moment to encapsulate all the hard 

work and memories you have accumulated until now?' graduation.'

Graduation of Tanzania Arusha New Vision School

Graduation goes beyond marking the end of school life; it signifies growing as a member of society through the school community. Graduating students prepare for the next stage, whether it is advancing to higher education or entering the workforce while creating their own life plans. The children contemplate what kind of people they would become and how they would live, working on the tasks that align with it one by one, each in their own ways. In the end, graduation becomes a significant milestone in life, determining the direction, pace, and realization of the dream.

Children Who Cannot Even Dream of Graduation

While South Korea offers nine-year-mandatory education programs for free to ensure basic educational opportunities for its children and adolescents, graduation remains a rare achievement for children living in disadvantaged conditions across the globe. International efforts have steadily improved the quantity and quality of educational services, but still, in low-income countries, particularly those in the bottom twenty percent income bracket, only three out of ten children complete their elementary school.

 Primary Education Completion Rate for 2014-2018 (Source: UN DESA. SDGs Indicator)

 "I Want to Study," "I Want to Go to School."

What seems natural to us but far from it for children in low-income countries.

Children in low-income countries often face economic hardships and various barriers to education, including inadequate government support for education infrastructure, social disparities, and cultural differences. In the case of severely impoverished families, even when children can attend affordable public schools, they often cannot afford the minimum requirements such as school uniforms, textbooks, stationaries, and meals. Also, parents, who may not fully grasp the importance of education for their children, sometimes view educational expenses as unnecessary and send their children to the workforce instead of school.


Tanzanian Children Engaging in Labor 

Miral Welfare Foundation has decided to give the 'Opportunity for Education' as a gift to low-income children in developing countries who aspire to study. Through the 'International Child Sponsorship Program,' Miral Welfare Foundation has provided support to ensure that children in developing countries do not have to go to work at labor sites but can attend school as students, allowing them to nurture dreams and hope through education.

To Dream Freely - Miral's International Child Sponsorship Program

Since 2012, Miral Welfare Foundation's International Child Sponsorship Program has been providing diversified services to ensure that children in developing countries can attend school with ease. Miral offers support for children facing difficulties in school attendance due to household poverty, including assistance with tuition, school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, and meals. Additionally, Miral Welfare Foundation has been conducting regular awareness campaigns and activities for parents (parent education, house visits, counseling, and others) to help those who may not have recognized the importance of education. In addition, Miral Welfare Foundation has been ensuring that education can go on due to health issues by providing essential items such as medicines, snacks, deworming medications, vaccinations, and more on an ongoing basis, helping children graduate in good health.


Support Through International Child Sponsorship Program Including Uniforms, Snacks, and School Supplies

For over a decade, Miral Welfare Foundation has provided educational services to a total of 5,711 children through its International Child Sponsorship Program. Except children whose sponsorship has ended due to personal changes (e.g., Relocation) and national-level infrastructure development, as well as those who have achieved self-sufficiency in their local communities, approximately 3,000 children are continuing to receive ongoing educational support through sponsorship in five different countries.


This year is a more special for Miral Welfare Foundation. It is because of the graduation of certain children. These children, the first sponsored children of Milal Welfare Foundation, entered elementary school and graduated from high school through the International Child Sponsorship Program. They spent over 10 years of their academic journey alongside Miral Welfare Foundation, growing into adults.

 A Miracle That Lasted Ten Years

Confidence Born of Learning! Angelina, Accepted into ‘Mzumbe University’

Living with her grandmother, Angelina faced economic hardships that led to her enrollment at the Tumaini Orphanage in Tanzania, a facility supported by Miral Welfare Foundation. Angelina, with a vacant expression and dejected appearance, patiently waited for the smile of Miral's staff. They have been by her side for a decade, from her elementary school days until the present.

One day, Angelina rushed into Miral's office with a joyful commotion. The reason she rushed to the office was to be the first to share the news with the staff. She had achieved outstanding results in the national examination, allowing her admission to Tanzania's top university, ‘Mzumbe University, in the Department of Public Administration.’ Angelina has now become a full-fledged college student full of confidence.


② Eungorang, the proud eldest son, is preparing for the 'Grandes Ecoles' in Cote d'Ivoire

Eungorang, the eldest son, lives with his family of four, including his father, who is the sole breadwinner, as well as his younger brother and sister. Although his father made vigorous efforts to earn living expenses, his situation did not improve, and Eungorang ended up being unable to enter elementary school. At that time, Eungorang, who happened to be a sponsored child through Miral Welfare Foundation, was fortunate enough to receive tuition support and begin his studies. Eungorang, who has consistently ranked at the top in his school, is now preparing for admission to 'Grandes Ecoles,' a specialized higher education institution known for its stringent selection process, which is even more rigorous than standard college admissions. As the eldest son, Eungorang carries a significant burden, but he is resolute in not giving up on his dream of becoming an accountant.


 Esther (pseudonym) is going to 'Abidjan University,' the best university of Cote d'Ivoire.

Esther (pseudonym)'s family situation was so poor that everyone in the village knew. Despite contemplating giving up on her studies, Esther was able to start anew, thanks to the unwavering support from her elder sister and the generosity of her sponsor. Esther never once arrived late and consistently earned good grades every semester, earning a reputation among her teachers as a diligent and hardworking student. As a result of her diligent efforts, Esther secured admission to 'Abidjan University,' which is the best university of Cote d'Ivoire. Esther, while juggling her studies and part-time work, faces the demanding life of an adult. However, she is determined to continue her diligent academic journey, always grateful for the support she has received, and she pledges to give back and share even more.


Hope Sown Until the End and The Never-Ending Bond of Miral International Child Sponsorship.

Most children who graduated from school, including Angelina, Eungorang, and Esther, have gone on to attend universities or higher education institutions, while part of children have entered the workforce These children are no longer just Miral Welfare Foundation-sponsored children, but have become members of their society and pioneered t

heir own future. Moreover, while watching their seniors start new lives through graduation and employment, thousands of sponsored children have been nurturing their own dreams.

Graduation of Tanzania Engikaret New Vision School

Over the past decade, Miral Welfare Foundation was able to support more than 5,700 international children, and it was possible through the dedication of our sponsors. Miral Welfare Foundation is sincerely grateful to the donors of international child sponsorship who have been the pencils of children for a long time and have given dreams to children who could not dream.


Written by. Haram Lee

Translated by. Bitna Yoon

Photograph by Miral Welfare Foundation.

Miral Welfare Foundation will continue to make every effort to ensure that children overseas can grow up healthily. 

Please continue to stand with us, so that more children never have to stop learning.