Child Growth Program

Children Growth Program

We work with communities, including families and schools, to ensure that all children have the basic rights they deserve.
We hope to build a society where everyone gets along without discrimination through children.

  • Children walk along with Miral


2023 Miral Annual Report

Basic Principle

  • Compliance with international norms Compliance with international norms

    In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). We advocate for children's basic rights (survival, protection, development and participation).

  • Disability Inclusive Development Disability Inclusive Development

    In the process and results of all projects targeting children, we put disability perspective so that all people with disability participate meaningfully and effectively.

  • Community Driven Development Community Driven Development

    Including children, all members of the family and community participate directly and take the lead in all processes of the project.

What we do (SEA model)

  • Social Protection
    • Support Medical & Health, Rehabilitation
    • Provide nourishment
    • Water & Sanitization
    • Proper care
  • Education
    • Ensure child's right of education
    • Promote qulitative education
  • Advovcacy
    • Promote awareness of children's rights
    • Improve disability awareness
      (Disability Mainstreaming)
    • Advocate policies of community
      and government

Where we work

Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Philippine, Kenya

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