Miral Welfare Foundation implements and sustains mobile medical clinic in vulnerable communities, where lack of medical facilities and medical specialists.
We also carries out health education, environment improvement and scholarship programs for fostering professional medical group.

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2017 Miral Yearly Report

  • Realities of people in developing countries

    • 10% of people in the world

      10% of people in the world do not have an access to clean water

    • 60% who do not have proper medicine

      60% of people in the world are not able to have proper medicine in time

    • 40 million people suffered from HIV/AIDS

      40million people in the world are suffered from HIV/AIDS

    • 800,000 people who die from Malaria

      80,0000 people die from Malaria every year.

Our goals for Health program

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    Miral Welfare Foundation provides mobile medical clinic program in rural area for everyone in order to conduct regular medical examination for persons in need, and prevents disease through hygiene and sanitation education.

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    We establish a cooperation system with local public healthcare professionals to transfer advanced medical technologies and conduct scholarship and training for fostering medical professionals.

What we do

  • Mobile medical clinic

    Our professional mobile medical clinic group
    visits vulnerable communities,
    where lack of access to medical facilities,
    to provide quality medicines and medical service.

  • Scholarship and training programs
    for medical professionals

    We provide scholarships to students
    in Daeyang College of Nursing
    to foster medical professional.

Where we work

Madagascar, Malawi

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