About Miral

Miral is founded in 1993 on the basis of the spirit of Christianity. We are committed to achieving our goals that supports
social inclusion of persons with disabilities and the most vulnerable people.
Our experts in various fields work on developing and implementing sustainable international development/cooperation
programs and domestic welfare programs based on our sincerity and expertise.
We are accredited as a consultative status by UN ECOSOC, and serve people regardless religion, race, or political ideologies.

  • Trusted Miral

    Transparency and Expertise , Purity, Spread of Giving

  • Leading Miral

    Continuous research, passionate challenges,
    performing new roles in the filed

  • Cooperating Miral

    Working for rights and independence of the
    marginalized people in the world.


Miral mission

We aim to achieve complete cocial inslusion of the most vulnerable neighbors based on Christianity.


Miral Vision

by life-cycle,inclution with disabilities,welfare to self-reliance

Our values

  • Modesty

    We serve the most vulnerable and neglected people with humility and servantship.

  • Integrity

    We serve with sincerity, fairness, and transparency.

  • Respect

    We respect all people and promote self-improvement of others to bring positive changes over their environments.

  • Advocacy

    We support and represent the rights and interests of the marginalized.

  • Love

    We practice giving by sacrifice and patience.


Our CI shows that Miral works for persons with disabilities by depicting a grain sprouting after fallen on the floor and died. Also, the round shape represents the wheel chair.

  • Universality

    Awareness Improvement about persons with disabilities with education for church and society.

  • Christianity

    Spirituality with acting love and warm heart

  • Social Welfare

    Volunteer with pure heart