Sectoral Special Program

Special Programs

We work for sustainable development of the communities in developing countries.
We assess the situation and needs of local communities by comprehensive and in-depth surveys.
We ensure their sustainable development by our special programs based on the survey.

  • Community Development

  • Solar Photovoltaic

    households (cumulative)

2023 Miral Annual Report

  • Energy Self-Sufficient Village Projects

    • Lives without light

      Over 1 billion people in Sub-saharan Africa and Southern Asia live half-of-their lives without light.

    • Energy shortage

      Energy shortage adversely affects a wide range of people's lives, including health, education, food security, gender equaliy, livelihood and poverty. It also hinders economic growth and job creation.

    • Health threats

      Inner air pollution caused by fuelwood consumption threatens the health conditions of women and children.

    • Electiricity Shortfall

      Around 90% of the primary schools in Africa is struggling with power shortages, which inhibits children from educational attainment.

Goals of Energy Self-Sufficient Villages Project

  • . To promot Job Creation
  • . To create Better Environment for education
  • . To ensure safe and secure community

Community Development Project

Goals for Community development project
Goals for Community development project To help communities meet their needs by organizing and cooperating with the community
To develop local communities by empowering people and improving their living environment

Where to work

Nepal, Liberia, Malawi, Myanmar, Uganda, Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Philippines

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