Persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities

For contributing to the right of persons with disabilities, Miral Welfare Foundation secures the right to education with special education
and vocational training and provides tailored service including rehabilitation to assure mobility rights of persons with disabilities.
For actualizing an inclusive community, Miral supports every activity for advocacy to advance understanding of persons with disabilities.

  • Education Support for
    children with disabilities

  • Vocational Rehabilitation for
    Persons with Disabilities

  • Livelihood Support for
    Persons with Disabilities


2023 Miral Yearly Report

  • Factsheet on Persons with Disabililties in developing countries

    Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities

    • Increase in population of persons with disabilities

      The number of persons with disabilities is increasing caused by malnutrition, absence of medical services, HIV/AIDS, military conflict, various kinds of accident, aging, etc.

    • Of the 600 million people, 100 million persons with disabilities

      In developing countries, about 100 million out of 600 million those who are aimed as a beneficiary group by the Sustainable Development Goals are people with disabilities.

    • 2%: Accessible to public services

      Only 2% of persons with disabilities have access to basic medical and education services.

    • 80%: Unemployed rate of persons with disabilities

      Still eight out of ten persons with disabilities in developing countries are unemployed.

Our goals for Rehabilitation Services

  • . To secure the basic right of persons with disabilities

    Miral Welfare Foundation advocates basic human rights and freedom for persons with disabilities under the guidelines of UNCRPD.

  • . To facilitate Community Based Rehabilitation

    We promote CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) which encourages the community to cooperate with persons with disabilities and their households.

  • . To construct Inclusive Development

    Miral pursues sustainable self-reliance of persons with disabilities by conducting inclusive programs and services.

  • . To reinforce the economic self-reliance of persons with disabilities

    Through strengthening their persons with disabilities' competencies and improving the workplace environment, we do our endeavor that they have self-reliance.

What we do

  • Rehabilitation / Special
    Education for persons
    with disabilities
    • Operates special school
    • Grants scholarship
    • Provides assistive devices
    • Serves physical/language/
      occupational therapy
  • Guarantee of mobility right
    for persons with disabilities

    Transforms environment
    with the project
    (Slope, Parallel Bars)

  • Economic empowerment
    • Facilitates vocational
      training centers and
      workplaces for PWD
    • Sells PWD merchandise
    • Support income increasing
      of CWD households
  • Advocacy for persons
    with disabilities
    • Conducts Education for
      Improvement of
      disability awareness
    • Facilitates disability
      awareness campaign
  • Socio-psychological

    Facilitates counseling services,
    peer counseling, and self-help
    groups among

  • Livelihood Support

    Supports food, water,
    nutrient, daily necessities,

Where we work

Nepal, Malawi, Liberia, Kenya, Philippines

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