Education Support

Education Support

We ensure children to have an opportunity of education by building education facilities in the area which has no schools.
We also support children to grow in holistic way not only providing them educational support but also operating various activities like arts and physical education, field trip.

  • Education

  • SBS Hope School construction


2023 Miral Annual Report

Our goals of Education services

  • . To secure children's right

    Miral advocates for children's rights, including rights to survival, protection, development, and participation under the guideline of UNCRC.

  • . To ensure access of education

    We try to every children to have opportunity of education by practicing 'Education for All' Initiative.

  • . To secure quality education We support quality education to achieve

    'SDGs 4' which is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

What we do

  • Education support
    • Give children opportunities to learn
      by operating learning center
      in local community
    • Support school uniform and
      learning materials
  • Physical development support
    • Support school meals, snacks
      and vitamins
    • Ensure access to essential
      heatlh services
  • Various Activities
    • Reading Program, Field Trip, Summer camp, Music, Arts and Phyiscal activities

Where we work

Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire, Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania

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Hope School Project

Miral Welfare Foundation has implemented the “Hope School Project” in the Africa countries with “SBS hope TV” to protect rights to safe and quality education for all children. By building Hope Schools, we made the environment that children have equal access to education services and have their dreams for the future. Now we come forward with advocacy for children's right to be safe and quality education, and it encourages children to become leader in their community

Enhacing education environment with buiding school

Enhacing education environment with buiding school
Country School Status
Uganda Kim's Christian Primary School Supporting
Kim's Christian Secondary School Handed over
Liberia Grace Primary school Handed over
Grace Secondary school Handed over
Shalom Special Education Class Supporting
Madagascar Aina Fitiavana Primary School Handed over
Linving Hope Primary school Handed over
Ethiopia Guangua Green Light School Handed over
Côte d'Ivoire College Prive MIC-CI Espoir de Brofodoume Handed over
Lycee Prive MIC-CI Espoir de Brofodoume Handed over