Our story

We won the National Kid’s Athletics Championship in Luweero!
2023.06.14 2521

In Uganda, to celebrate Kids Athletics Day on 7th May, the Ministry of Education & Sports and Uganda Primary Schools Sports Association held a championship on 10th May. 

 Commemorating the competition with the certicifation. 

Many of primary schools in each district attended this competition, and also Kim’s Primary School attended. Some of our students won the game so they were selected and gonna play an away game in Tanzania as a member of national players. This amazing news will be an unforgettable experience not only for the winners but for also all participants in Kim’s primary school students.

Kid’s Athletics Day is one of the most important roots-program in sports. it’s a designed program that how can every child be more movable, playable, and explorable no matter where they are in the world or their individual circumstance.

A lot of countries, including Uganda hold a sports event to celebrate this day.


Growing with care and guidance

Kim’s primary school in Gulu, Uganda, has been a great partner of Miral Welfare Foundation for the past 10 years.

In partnership, Miral and Kim’s school have been striving to promote the children’s rights and for the children to grow into their maturity.

Sponsors supported 4-500 children who could not attend school due to reasons such as not being able to eat meals on time, malaria, and various diseases that could be prevented or cured just by taking medicine.

Children are so grateful that we are growing up with nutritious meals, school supplies, textbooks for studying, and essential medicines to prepare for various diseases and injuries that children may face against.


After athletic activity

Keep fight the good fight for vulnerable children

We, Milal Welfare Foundation, still have many challenges to solve for a better life for children.

Children who cannot go to school because of their parents who do not understand how important education is and let their child to labor sites at a young age, children who have just started “period” and who are ashamed of the period because the people around them do not understand what is happening to girls correctly. And Children who have difficulty even standing up and walking because they do not have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, let alone receive proper education due to their disabilities.

Miral will continue to help hidden children who do not even enjoy their basic rights around the world.


Kim’s school students

I’m so grateful and happy for your support. Your support really mattered in making our school a qualified school representing the Amuru district.

 -Sports&mathmatic teacher of Kim's primary school. (Ronan tichaya)- 

Your support has really matters in making our school a qualified school representing the Amuru district.

Never dreamed dream became true.

The children who won the championship are now going to Tanzania to compete in the national competition.

Who would have imagined that a youth national player would be selected from here, Gulu district?

Through this opportunity, we hope that other students and parents of Kim’s Primary School in Uganda can dream a dream that they have never dreamed of, and that the whole community can take a step closer to the day that everyone in the community support children's growth