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Miral Welfare Foundation Kenya held an Accountability and Safeguarding Workshop
2023.06.02 2655


Miral Welfare Foundation has been carried out the projects in the field of social welfare and international development cooperation.

Especially for protecting all vulnerable groups from being victimized by exploitation and abuse, ‘Safeguarding Policy’ has been established in 2022, and Miral Welfare Foundation Kenya held an ‘Accountability and Safeguarding Workshop’ for employees last April.




Miral Welfare Foundation has established ‘Safeguarding Policy to prevent and protect all vulnerable groups, including women, children, person with disability, and the elderly, from being exploited and abused by employees and external parties.

This policy is consisted of 6 basic principles and 3 codes of conduct, and continuous training and monitoring will be conducted to ensure that all employees conducting the project are aware of and abide by them.

 Basic principles

 Respecting vulnerable group rights

 Respecting the right of people with disability and prohibiting discrimination

 Do No Harm

 Zero tolerance

 Victim centered


 Code of conduct

 1. We do not abuse the power to vulnerable group and respect their rights.

 2. Prohibit abuse or exploitation of vulnerable group.

     This includes all forms of violence, including sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment, verbal abuse, and inappropriate touching etc.

 3. Follow your responsibility to report and report any violations of this regulation.

On April 27, 2023, all employees of Miral Welfare Foundation Kenya attended the workshop on “Accountability and Safeguarding” held in Nyando, Kisumu, Kenya.

This workshop was conducted for learning the accountability and safeguarding policies that must be complied with and to let them think of how to apply them to their work through group discussion.

First, to find out what accountability that Miral Welfare Foundation is pursuing, we learned about the foundation's mission, vision, and core values.

Based on this, we reviewed what the newly enacted safeguarding policy was in detail, and once again raised the principles and codes of conduct that employees should follow.

In addition, through group discussions, we had time to think together about how to apply the safeguarding policy to Miral Welfare foundation Kenya on-site projects, and to present and share opinions organized by each group.

Through this, we were able to discuss safe and effective projects that can be provided to women, children, and person with disability, who are the most marginalized and socially and economically vulnerable in the community.

It was nice to understand that safeguarding is a policy to protect children, person with disability and residents we meet in our work.

Above all, I thought I should pay more attention to whether there are any violations of the safeguarding policy while conducting business.”

When discovering case children for fundraising and filming broadcasts,

As stated in the safeguarding policy, we will seek consent from children and guardians for the purpose and content of filming.”


In the final session, all we had time to read and sign the Integrity pledge and Safeguarding Compliance Agreement.

Miral Welfare Foundation will continue domestic and international safeguarding policies to protect the human rights of all vulnerable groups.

Also, starting with the Kenya branch's safeguarding workshop, Miral Welfare Foundation employees at 13 overseas offices in 11 countries will be provided with workshops and training for regular compliance check.