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World Health Day, ‘Health for All’ with Miral Welfare Foundation
2023.04.19 2762

Children in Ivory coast taking anthelmintic

We celebrate every year of April 7th which is WHO state as an anniversary called ‘World health day’. In this day we think about global health/medical problems and look back how we dealt with these problems so far.

Korea has also proclaimed same day as a ‘Health Day’, commemorates in various ways, such as rewarding those who have contributed to national health and medical development.

The slogan of this year is ‘Health for All’, for the 75th celebration of ‘World Health Day’. 

Miral welfare foundation provides health care and rehabilitation service in schools and community health centers. 

We provide these service not just for vulnerable people but also the local people to ensure that no one left behind and stays healthy.


Kenya, We are going together with Community health center for all children’s health. 

Miral welfare foundation Kenya branch aims at ‘social integration of all Kenyan children centered on villages’, progressing a project for increase accessibility about basic health care for all children and rehabilitation services through CBR(Community Based Rehabilitation). 

Especially we are working at Nyando, Kisumu county which is politically marginalized is lack of support of any international organization or NGO. 

So, Miral welfare foundation is cooperating to ensure that maximum service for children who need help the most through health center or school which residents go most easily.

So, when promoting the project, we not only provide a support to the residents directly, but also cooperate with public institutions such as community health centers and schools where local people can find the most easily so that the maximum service can be provided to children who need help the most.

Local staff of Miral giving medical supplies to Oren community health center

Firstly, last February, we supported 4,328 of medical supplies at Ayucha, Wanganga, Oren health center in Nyando, Kisumu. 

As we providing Malaria treatment and test kits, antibiotics, painkillers, and fungicides, we are supporting health care center and vulnerable households with low-income who are deal with Malaria disease which is the deadliest and easiest to get sick in Kisumu. 

Rehabilitation room in Ayucha community health center

Secondly, we are increasing accessibility of children with disability in vulnerable family with low-income by improving condition of rehabilitation in community health center.

Among of Nyando sub-county, Onjiko and Awasi village where Miral welfare foundation works is very far from the state hospital Ahero so that the local people and children with disability can't afford to get medical service due to high transfer fee and service cost. 

To solve this situation, Miral provieded rehabilitation bed, wheelchair and other rehabilitation tools. And these had installed in some free space in Ayucha community health center.

Now the children with disability who can't take rehabilitation service due to high cost are able to get support regardless of financial circumstances.

Miral staffs monitoring Ayucha community health center

Not just for this support, we train rehabilitation therapist to manage treatment contents and health status of children to that the children with disability in vulnerable family with low-income are able to get high-quality rehabilitation services to improve their health condition.

Ivory coast, taking anthelmintic is very important to children. 

In Abidjan, Cote’divoire, Miral welfare foundation supports education and children sponsored program through belle-ville primary school.

Currently 450 children of Belle-ville primary school have growing as a mature members of society by studying.

Children had difficulty eating one meal a day before we met, now they are growing up healthy and strong by eating regular meals while attending school and receiving necessary medical services when they are sick.

Distributing anthelmintic to children in belle-ville primary school in Ivory coast

For World Health Day, Belle-ville primary school provided anthelmintic which is vital to african children. Anthelmintic is important medicine to child growth and development in Africa. 

Because parasites that can occur in children's bodies not only cause abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting, but also cause brain cysts that can threaten life, so children need to take anthelmintic once every six months.

It's not a big deal to eat this for my health!

Child who is holding an anthelmintic

Children in Belle-ville primary school were looking forward to eat anthelmintic. Because the sport time is waiting after it. 

Teacher taught importance of taking anthelmintic and how to take. Children took it without hesitation.

Children is taking anthelmintic

Health for all, Happy for all

For World health day, we had a meaningful time while considering what they need for health, are they grow well.

And also we promised ourselves that Miral welfare foundation will never stop to help the world to not to lose their smile, but to grow well.

Please remember “Health for all, Happy for all"